The foundations of the Web

Maybe they are lying to you and don't waste your time

Maybe you think that JQuery Javascript is awesome. The best invention after HTML and CSS, right?

The web is full of Javascript crash or soft courses. The webinars! The screencasts, the tutorials and the meetups.

The new shiny framework/library/hack-tool that will resolve all of your problems of callbacks hell, UIs and race conditions, all the trivialities of MVC and routing and the bindings of business logic and the presentation. And for free of course, it's all open source. Right?!?

Well, yesterday I lied too: this is not what I promised, this is another rumble, sorry :) .

Back to the basics

Your time is not infinite. Stop waste your time. This is the thought that delayed that publication. Thanks to Andrea Giammarchi for the hints.

Another thought: It's not free

  1. Read and study all this github docs is time-consuming, stop wasting your time: tomorrow this code and this docs can change
  2. All this over-engineering codes degrades your performance

And I'm for Unix style: little tools for resolve little problems. Little and optimized. In teory the bazaar could generate this.

You want proofs

Trust me: I'm lazy too, so in years of website coding I've used many many times jQuery and plugins.

jQuery + jQuery UI + jScrollPane + Chosen + ezMark + custom code = 600KB or at least 2 seconds with a broadband connection, only for download the js/css code

Are you crazy!?! And it's not a RIA, it's a relative simple website with custom interaction.

Another example: AngularJS (the not-Google-but-Google-but-not-GWT fancy framework) can't render lists of elements with decent performance. Also on Google Chrome.
From the same company that want to push the web for best performance. And with all your resources... Google you're failing at this simple task. This blown my mind and open my eyes and could be the same for you.

And the Microsoft's Reactive-Extensions and the Facebook's React... KBs and KBs of alien technology code that stop you from study the real thing and waste your time.

Another lie: Javascript is Javascript

Maybe, when you read a "vanilla Javascript" (yeah, for me it's crazy that "vanilla" term exists too... ) tutorial, you think that it's time well spent.

Nope: all the browsers have different implementations and change over time.

This standard is not really standard. Also the name is wrong: ECMAScript is the standard.

Final advice

Also a reminder for me: study the real real standards, patch the environment and apply to the projects.