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How a UK firm is using a foreign tax haven to scrap toxic ships in one of the world’s poorest countries

Exclusive: Lucrative ship-scrapping trade sees poor Bangladeshi workers face ‘abhorrent conditions with abysmal environmental protections’

How one footballer thinks veganism is keeping injury at bay

Interview: Scotland and Birmingham City Women midfielder Chloe Arthur opens up on the benefits which have led her to join a growing number of footballers turning to a vegan diet

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Angela Lambert The orphans born in Romania, born again in Britain

After the cover-up was exposed, millions pitied the children who suffered from Ceausescu’s cruelties. In 1990, Angela Lambert met two couples who did more than sympathise

Tom Peck The breakaway MPs want to return to a politics that never happened

The Independent Group seems to want to return to a politics in which David Cameron and Ed Miliband were on the same side – it never happened

Kuba Shand-Baptiste Emma Thompson is leading the way on holding powerful men to account

Without women like her taking a stand, it’s likely that we’ll have the sullied careers of many more men foisted upon us in the near future

Larry Cohen I’ve known Bernie Sanders for years – I think he’ll win in 2020

Bernie 2020 is not a protest campaign. It is a campaign which generated $3.3m in its first 12 hours. In 2016, Bernie told me he didn’t expect to become president – now everything is different

The best feminist moments at the Brit awards 2019

'Male misogynist acts are examined for nuance and defended as traits of "difficult" artists'

Brit Awards predictions: Who will win, and who should win

The mood for the Brits in 2019 is one of hope, that they will continue to acknowledge just how diverse the UK music scene really is

Sainsbury’s and Asda criticise watchdog over merger findings

Competition and Market Authority said it had found very significant concerns about how a tie-up between Asda and Sainsbury's would affect prices at supermarkets, online and in petrol stations

Aviva to move £9bn worth of assets to Ireland due to Brexit

Britain’s second largest insurer will move the money one minute before the UK leaves EU on 29 March

Jack Whitehall pokes fun at Little Mix's feud with Piers Morgan

'Voluptuous breasts and four chins – it must have been like looking in the mirror'