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Patrick cockburn Middle East

'Why is it happening again?': Chelsea's first black player aghast at racist abuse creeping back into game

'The likes of Viv [Anderson], Ian [Wright], John Barnes - we saw it, we got it. To see that again in 2018, nah it's not right. It's frightening.'


Geraint Davies Leave broke the rules – that’s justification for a Final Say, Theresa

A referendum so tainted with illegality should lead to the result being declared void, argues a High Court challenge against the prime minister. Only a second, fairer vote can produce a legitimate outcome

Ben Kelly By steering us towards no deal, the DUP will destroy the union

The party have clearly learned nothing from the long history of British Conservatives shafting Northern Irish unionists


How to wear the colour of 2019

The sprightly hue is set to throw shade over its rosy counterpart: millennial pink


Showbox streaming service back online – but probably unsafe

Even the safest version of the app comes with a whole host of dangers – and many are much worse

Twitter chief faces backlash after promoting tourism to Myanmar

Tech chief's comments praising meditation retreat failed to mention ongoing allegations of abuse towards Muslims

Aquaman review: Superhero movie improves on Justice League

James Wan's film is rousing fare, made with enough conviction for it to get away with its moments of extreme kitsch silliness  

If you think you know who composer Philip Glass is, you probably don't

There’s more to esteemed composer Philip Glass than you might presume. Anne Midgette meets with him in his Manhattan home to discuss his long life in music

City suffers from Brexit blast. Should we care about wealthy bankers?

Vacancies have fallen by 39 per cent. The problem with that is banks and bankers contribute a sizeable portion of the UK's overall tax take that pays for services people rely on 

Barclays 'spend stopper' is a thoroughly good idea

The function gives customers the power to block payments under any one of five headers. It's easy enough to unblock them, but the facility could still prove to be beneficial 

Labour MP steals ceremonial mace in protest over Brexit vote delay

The latest Brexit developments at Westminster