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Too many stars and too much money is killing television

As Netflix debuts ‘Space Force’, yet another star-studded and eye-wateringly expensive misfire, Adam White wonders if television has lost sight of what we love about the small screen

Features TV

Why Dave is the best new comedy of 2020

Beneath a barrage of jokes about porn, race, religion, drugs and penises lies a clever and moving series, writes Ed Cumming

UK news

Samuel Lovett Nearly 2m people with lung conditions note improvement in lockdown

The fall in road traffic and industry activity has seen levels of harmful nitrogen dioxide more than halve in some parts of the UK, writes Samuel Lovett

Long Reads

Miles Ellingham How contact tracing swiftly dealt with a smallpox outbreak in London

Miles Ellingham tells the story of how a smallpox epidemic was averted by his grandfather’s swift and meticulous tracing of contacts in London


Borzou Daragahi Drug trade expected to boom as furloughed criminals prepare for post-Covid world

Traffickers and criminologists tell Borzou Daragahi rising prices and emptied jails create fertile soil for drug trafficking

The Independent’s Happy List 2020: Heroes in a crisis

It’s time for you to nominate the great Britons doing remarkable things in response to the pandemic


Robert Fisk Trump thinks the army has got his back. He’s about to get a surprise

Protesters have to be protected, writes Robert Fisk – but the question is by whom? And from whom? Like in the Middle East, soldiers are key

Enmity at the gates: Why have rock stars given up on feuding?

Since the days of Blur vs Oasis, bands have become ‘nice’ to the point that it’s a scandal when a musician makes even the mildest critique of their peers. Ed Power looks at the history of the band feud and at the few artists today who aren’t afraid to ruffle some feathers

Elfriede Jelinek’s The Piano Teacher finds no feeling in violent sex

The detailed descriptions of sadomasochistic acts are so visceral that it can be an effort to turn each page, says Annie Lord. You flinch as though a razor were held up to your eyeball

Do you need a face mask and where can you buy one?

A cloth face covering should now be worn in shops and on public transport

How polyamorous people are navigating love in lockdown

Lockdown has forced polyamorous couples into monogamous scenarios that go against their ideologies, writes Olivia Petter

Mother of George Floyd's daughter calls for justice

'Gianna does not have a father. He will never see her grow up, graduate, he will never walk her down the aisle'