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Elisabeth Moss: ‘I wish The Handmaid's Tale was fantasy. I wish it was Game of Thrones’

The actor sits down with Timothy Bella to discuss her role as a self-destructive frontwoman in ‘Her Smell’, Scientology, and the cost of fame

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In pictures: How two photographers captured a series of stunning climate change images

Sean Gallup and Justin Sullivan speak to The Independent on Earth Day about how they document global warming

Molly Scott Cato How we delivered a landmark week for the green movement

So successful has this movement been that their demands are well enough known to trip off the tongue of every frustrated London cabbie

Company creates hilarious t-shirts that brilliantly mock gender roles

The t-shirts highlight the 'sexism, stereotypes and bias women experience everyday' 

Line of Duty review: Jed Mercurio blows his thriller sky high

A suspenseful episode ends with a shocking death

Rooftop swimming pool water pours down skyscraper after earthquake

Pool on roof of high rise Manila apartment block empties into street below after deadly quake  

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Zlata Rodionova A View from the Top with Kodak vice president Danielle Atkins

The woman who brought colour back to Kodak tells Zlata Rodionova about making the brand resonate with young people

Bernie Sanders’ Medicare plan sees healthcare stocks take a beating

The sector underperformed the S&P 500 index by widest margin since 2009